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Fixed and adjustable slat, with elliptical cross-section, made with profiled aluminium sized 585x120 mm, lacquered and heat-strengthened in a continual process and installed in an extruded aluminium wall stud with an adjustment strip.

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Horizontal and Vertical (Slat direction):
Possibility of placing the lattice with the slats in vertical and horizontal position
CL 35 H vertical
   Horizontal Slat          Vertical Slat

Caracteristica lama S600

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Shutter systems in a Fixed Application for panels placed in gaps or for façade coverings. They have visible wall studs or between visible frames with either adjustable or fixed solar protection slats.
Serie S600    
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Motor Drive: activation of automatic slat positioning with either a visible operator (Lineal motor) or a hidden operator (tubular motors), depending on the type of slats and frames used and with an individual control point to manage operation, or with the possibility of a general control. Our systems are adaptable to different domotic languages. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions and warnings for details of the different automatisms’ usage features.
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